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My name is Elias Khouri. I’m a musician and business student from Pittsburgh who aspires to work for a major record label or TV network. One of my recent accomplishments is landing the cover of WHIRL Magazine and being and opening band for Gary Clark Jr. I am a buisness studenting studying at Point Park Univeristy with a focus on entertainment managment. I am very passionate about working in the msic industry. I've also been featured in many music magazines/publications nationally, and I have been featured on CBS and NBC.

My Goals: 

Short Term
1. Improve my work-life balance to obtain total efficiency in my future career.
2. Take courses on LinkedIn learning to better my skills set and attain new skills that can be translated to
my professional life.
3. Get familiar with softwares and computer applications I will need to be proficient in when I start my
professional career after college.

Long Term
1. Make meaningful connections that will help make my career journey easier by building social proof.
2. Pivot my learning to a specific area of work that will make me a competitive asset to a workplace.
3. Building the skill sets of a leader, confident, quick thinking, and critical thinking skills

Linkedin Profile

Work Philsophy: Do your best, and when you cannot, never be afaird to ask for help so you can do so.

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